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This isn’t boxercise. This isn’t some flavour of the week training system. This is traditional, proven (since 1998), science-based circuit training in small classes. 

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COMING IN FEB. 2016!  

We will be offering Coaching Sessions with our OWN Registered Holistic Nutritionist + World Class Sport Nutritional Products!

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Get Your ASS to CLASS (GYATC) Rewards are available for ALL WBK Boxers; Vets & Rookies! 

50% DISCOUNTS + FREE Equipment, Courses & Make up Classes!

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Open Training 2016 SEASON:
Group Courses

8 week commitment, once, twice or three times a week for one hour of cutting edge boxing circuit training. We take you from Rookie status (total beginner) all the way to level 6 and beyond so that you can master body, mind and soul! 

Current 8 week session: LAST WEEK TO JOIN - in week 5 of 8!

Round 3 January-February 2016

 Adult & youth courses 

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Next 8 week session: registration is open!

Round 4 March-April 20

Adult and  youth boxing courses

$15-20 Savings end february 11TH @ midnight!

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Private Training:
Personal+Group Courses

One on one or your group sessions, whether you're a beginner/rookie individual or an elite athlete or corporate or elite athletic team; we tailor our scientifically backed program with instruction from Chris Weissbach, WBK Boxing's Owner, Head Coach & Certified Exercise Physiologist.

Private boxing training:
Individuals & Groups

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Boxing 4 Sport Performance 

Boxing for Better Living:
Special Events+Awards

Our boxers give back to the community, measure themselves against their very best efforts, and see the rewards (and awards) along the way.

Punching With Purpose 2015: June 2015

Giving Back to the Community


» 2015 boxers, videos, sponsors

New Warrior Challenge 2015

The Ultimate skill, strength

and conditioning test 

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A Commitment to Excellence

See the gallery of awards winners, check out their quotes and motivations

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Gear Up:

Gear up and get your Ass to Class, or bring a bit of the gym home with you. Highest quality training gear tailored to our program and made popular by our Boxers.

Technical Apparel for the Gym

Hey this is not just for looks, a top notch, durable, light technical Tee or Tank to wick the sweat can give you the extra 10% you were looking for! Proven in the gym time and time again.

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Gear up: Gloves, Wraps, and modular home gym

Get your Ass to Class with gear chosen by athletes and coaches based on millions of punches. Everything you need is right here.

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